Is it possible to import and edit the cross-sections created in older program versions of SHAPE‑THIN?


In SHAPE‑THIN 9, you can open the cross-sections that were created with the following program versions:

  • SHAPE-THIN 5.xx
  • SHAPE-THIN 6.xx
  • SHAPE-THIN 7.xx
  • SHAPE-THIN 7.5x,
  • SHAPE-THIN 8.xx.
  • SHAPE-THIN 9.xx

To open the cross-sections, you can use Project Manager (Figure 01) or the menu "File" → "Open" (Figure 02).

Figure 01 - Project Manager

Figure 02 - Dialog Box "Open"

The cross-sections from the DOS versions SHAPE‑THIN 1.xx and SHAPE‑THIN 2.xx cannot be imported into SHAPE‑THIN 9.


Compatibility Import Open

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