Preparing Isolines for Black and White Printout

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The results of an FEM calculation are usually documented by means of isobands and isolines in the graphical display of results. In the following, we will look at preparing the results graphic for the black and white printout.

By default, the results are displayed in colour by means of eleven isolines between the min and max extreme values. In the ‘Edit Isoline Value and Color Scales’ dialog box, you can edit the number of isolines and colours. For the black and white printout, set the colours of the isolines to black. To view the values of the isolines, it is necessary to display the annotations of the individual isolines. In the Display navigator of RFEM, there are three options to do this.

Automatic specification of result values at isolines

The automatically generated annotations of the isolines are always shown along the steepest results grade. This can have the effect that in case of a small distance of the isolines the values overlap.

Display of results values at sections

By means of defining a new section to display the annotation of isolines, you can select the optimal line of greatest slope for the result values. To do this, select the ‘Show values on isolines’ check box when defining a new section. You can activate or deactivate the various lines of greatest slope in the Results navigator. For printing the isolines, in the Results navigator you should deactivate the annotations for the sections (see Figure).

Display of manually specified result values

By means of the manually applied isoline annotations, you can show the value of each individual isoline. Thus, the manually specified result values are an optimal addition to both the previously mentioned annotation options, because you can quickly specify an additional annotation for the individual isolines.


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