Flat Bar Section Extensions

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The cross‑section properties program SHAPE‑THIN provides convenient options for graphically setting the section reinforcements. When modeling flat bar extensions, you should note one rule only: The length of the element must be greater than the width.

Flat bars can be described as "Welded Sections" in the library by using the parameters b and d. When entering the parameters, it is important that the width b is defined larger than the thickness d according to the cross-sectional scheme. Only in this way it is possible to ensure that the element thickness is applied correctly in the equations. The thickness is included with the third power, for example, in the determination of the torsional moment of inertia.

If the strengthening is arranged vertically, as shown in the picture, the flat bar must also be defined by b > d. Before placing the bar it can be rotated by 90° in order to set the correct position.

As an alternative, a flat steel can be set as a normal element by means of start and end node.


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  • Updated 29 October 2020

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