Importing Tendon Geometry from DXF Template

Tips & Tricks

In RF-TENDON, it is possible to import tendon geometry from a DXF file. Thus, you can basically use any tendon geometry.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Select [New tendon from DXF file] in the tendon geometry arrangement by using the [Import] button.
  • Then, select the DXF file to be imported.
  • A dialog box appears for the import from the DXF file:
    1. Select the plane in which the DXF should be considered.
    2. Select the lines from DXF which should be used as tendon geometry. You can complete the selection after selecting a line by using the [Consecutive] button. You can also select the lines from the table which contains the layers as well.
    3. Confirm the selection by clicking the [Select] button. The selected tendon geometry is then displayed in the Details window.
    4. Click [OK] to confirm the dialog box and then select a reference axis to set the tendon position.


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