Local Buckling of Members per the ADM 2015

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If an aluminium member section is comprised of slender elements, failure can occur due to the local buckling of the flanges or webs before the member can reach full strength. In the add-on module RF-/ALUMINUM ADM, there are now three options for determining the nominal flexural strength for the limit state of local buckling, Mnlb, from section F.3 in the 2015 Aluminum Design Manual. The three options include sections F.3.1 Weighted Average Method, F.3.2 Direct Strength Method, and F.3.3 Limiting Element Method.

All three methods in section F.3 Local Buckling used to determine the local buckling limit state reference Section B.5.4 and B.5.5. These sections include determining the strength of elements in pure compression and elements in flexural compression. The local buckling strength further depends on whether or not the element is supported on one or both edges in addition to the width to thickness ratio, b/t.

Section F.3.1, F.3.2, and F.3.3 provide different variations for calculating the local buckling strength. However, the Direct Strength Method is the most accurate and complete method. Therefore, the default option under the Details setting in RF-/ALUMINUM ADM is set to the Direct Strength Method, but the user can freely switch to any of the methods.


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