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24 June 2016



RF-/STEEL EC3 imports the cross-sections defined in RFEM/RSTAB automatically. It is possible to design all thin-walled cross-sections. The program automatically selects the most efficient method according to standards.

The ultimate limit state design takes into account several loads and you can select the interaction designs available in the standard.

The classification of designed cross-sections into the Classes 1 to 4 is an essential part of the analysis according to Eurocode 3. In this way, you can check the limitation of the design and rotational capacity by means of the local buckling of cross-section parts. RF-/STEEL EC3 determines the c/t-ratios of the cross-section parts subjected to compression stress and performs the classification automatically.

For the stability analysis, you can specify for each member or set of members whether flexural buckling occurs in the y- and/or z-direction. You can also define additional lateral restraints in order to represent the model close to reality. Slenderness ratio and elastic critical load are automatically determined on the basis of the boundary conditions of RF-/STEEL EC3. The elastic critical moment for lateral-torsional buckling required for the lateral-torsional buckling analysis can be determined automatically or specified manually. Also the load application point of transverse loads, affecting the torsional resistance, can be considered by setting of details. In addition, you can take into account rotational restraints (for example trapezoidal sheeting and purlins) and shear panels (for example trapeziodal sheeting and bracing).

In modern construction using more and more slender cross-sections, the serviceability limit state represents an important factor in structural calculations. RF-/STEEL EC3 assigns load cases, load combinations, and result combinations to different design situations. The respective limit deformations are preset in National Annex and can be adjusted, if necessary. In addition, it is possible to define reference lengths and precambers for the design.

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Design of steel members according to Eurocode 3

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