RF-/STEEL Warping Torsion | Features

Product Feature

  • Applicable for members defined as sets of members
  • Separate solver which considers 7 deformation directions (ux, uy, uz, φx, φy, φz, ω) or 8 internal forces (N, Vu, Vv, Mt,pri, Mt,sec, Mu, Mv, Mω)
  • Nonlinear design according to second-order analysis
  • Input of imperfections
  • Calculation of critical load factors and buckling mode shapes as well as the visualization of them (incl. warping)
  • Integration into member design in the RF‑/STEEL EC3 add‑on module
  • Available for all thin‑walled steel cross‑sections

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RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures
RF-STEEL Warping Torsion 5.xx

Module Extension for RF-STEEL EC3

Warping torsion analysis according to the second-order theory with 7 degrees of freedom

Price of First License
850.00 USD