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30 January 2016




  • Design for tension, compression, bending, shear, and combined internal forces
  • Stability analysis for flexural buckling, torsional buckling, and lateral-torsional buckling
  • Automatic determination of critical buckling loads and critical moment for lateral-torsional buckling by means of integrated FEA program (eigenvalue analysis) from boundary conditions of loads and supports
  • Option to apply discrete lateral supports of beams
  • Automatic or manual cross-section classification
  • Integration of parameters from National Annexes (NA) of the following countries:
    • Deutschland BS EN 1999-1-1/NA:2009 (United Kingdom)
    •  NBN EN 1999-1-1/ANB:2011-03 (Belgium)
    •  CYS EN 1999-1-1/NA:2009-07 (Cyprus)
    • Finland CSN EN 1999-1-1/NA:2009-02 (Czech Republic)
    • Griechenland DK EN 1999-1-1/NA:2013-05 (Denmark)
    • Ireland SFS EN 1999-1-1/NA:2016-12 (Finland)
    •  DIN EN 1999-1-1/NA:2010-12 (Germany)
    • Lithuania ELOT EN 1999-1-1/NA:2010-11 (Greece)
    •  UNI EN 1999-1-1/NA:2011-02 (Italy)
    •  IS EN 1999-1-1/NA:2010-03 (Ireland)
    • Poland LST EN 1999-1-1/NA:2011-09 (Lithuania)
    • Sweden LU EN 1999‑1‑1:2007/AN‑LU:2011 (Luxembourg)
    •  NEN EN 1999-1-1/NB:2011-12 (Netherlands)
    •  PN EN 1999-1-1/NA:2011-01 (Poland)
    •  STN EN 1999-1-1/NA:2010-01 (Slovakia)
    •  SS EN 1999-1-1/NA:2011-04 (Sweden)
  • Serviceability limit state design for characteristic, frequent or quasi-permanent design situation
  • Consideration of transverse welds
  • Variety of cross-sections provided, for example I‑sections, C‑sections, rectangular hollow sections, square sections, angles with equal and unequal legs, flat steel, round bars
  • Clearly arranged result tables
  • Automatic cross‑section optimization
  • Detailed result documentation with references to the design equations used and described in the standard
  • Filter and sorting options of results including result lists by member, cross‑section, x‑location, or by load case, load and result combination
  • Result window of member slenderness and governing internal forces
  • Parts list including weight and volume specifications
  • Seamless integration in RFEM/RSTAB
  • Metric and imperial units

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RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures

Add-on Module

Design of aluminium members according to Eurocode 9

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