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Product Feature

  • Full integration in RFEM/RSTAB with import of all relevant information and internal forces
  • For design according to EN 1995-1-1, the following National Annexes are available:
    • United Kingdom BS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2009-10 (United Kingdom)
    •  ÖNORM B 1995-1-1:2015-06 (Austria)
    • Belgium NBN EN 1995-1-1/ANB:2012-07 (Belgium)
    • Bulgaria BDS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2012-02 (Bulgaria)
    • Cyprus CYS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2011-02 (Cyprus)
    •  CSN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2007-09 (Czech Republic)
    •  DK EN 1995-1-1/NA:2011-12 (Denmark)
    •  SFS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2007-11 (Finland)
    •  DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2013-08 (Germany)
    •  UNI EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-09 (Italy)
    •  I.S. EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-03 (Ireland)
    •  LVS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2012-05 (Latvia)
    •  LST EN 1995-1-1/NA:2011-10 (Lithuania)
    •  LU EN 1995‑1‑1/NA:2011‑09 (Luxembourg)
    •  NEN EN 1995-1-1/NB:2007-11 (Netherlands)
    •  NS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-05 (Norway)
    •  NF EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-05 (France)
    •  PN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-09 (Poland)
    •  NP EN 1995-1-1 (Portugal)
    •  SR EN 1995-1-1/NB:2008-03 (Romania)
    •  STN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2008-12 (Slovakia)
    •  SIST EN 1995-1-1/A101:2006-3 (Slovenia)
    •  UNE EN 1995-1-1/AN:2016-04 (Spain)
    •  SS EN 1995-1-1 (Sweden)
  • Extensive material library in compliance with the EN, SIA, and DIN standards
  • Design of circular, rectangular, and user-defined composite cross-sections (also hybrids)
  • Specific classification of a structure in service classes (SECL) and actions in load duration classes (LDC)
  • Design of members and sets of members
  • Stability analysis according to the Equivalent Member Method or the second-order analysis
  • Determination of governing internal forces
  • Icon informing about successful or failed design
  • Visualization of the design criterion on RFEM/RSTAB model
  • Automatic cross-section optimization
  • Parts lists and quantity surveying
  • Data export to MS Excel
  • Free setting of fire resistance classes and charring rates as well as free selection of charring sides
  • Fire resistance designs in the selected standard according to:
    •  EN 1995-1-2
    •  SIA 265:2012 + SIA 265-C1:2012
    •  DIN 4102-22:2004
  • Import of buckling lengths from the RF-STABILITY/RSBUCK add-on module
  • Design of tapered members according to the previously defined cut-to-grain angle
  • Ridge design and analysis of transversal tension stresses for defined ridges
  • Design of curved members and sets of members

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RFEM Timber Structures
RF-TIMBER Pro 5.xx

Add-on Module

Timber design according to Eurocode 5, SIA 265 and/or DIN 1052

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD