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22 August 2015

General RF-IMP/RSIMP Stability Analysis

The add-on module evaluates the pre-deformation of a load case as well as mode shapes of stability or dynamic analysis. Based on this initial deformation, it is possible either to pre-deform the structure or to create a load case with equivalent imperfections of members.

The pre-deformed initial model is useful especially for structures consisting of surface and solid elements (RFEM) as well as members. It is necessary to specify only the maximum value to which the deformation is to be scaled. All FE or model nodes will be scaled with regard to the initial deformation.

Equivalent imperfections are particularly useful for beam structures. You can define inclinations and precambers of members and set of members in the additional window. They can be generated automatically according to standards or defined manually. The following standards are available:

  •  EN 1992:2004
  •  EN 1993:2005
  •  DIN 18800:1990-11
  •  DIN 1045-1:2001-07
  •  DIN 1052:2004-08

Only the imperfection resulting according to the initial deformation on the relevant member is applied. In addition, you can consider the reduction factors. In this way, it is possible to apply the imperfection efficiently.

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RF-IMP 5.xx

Add-on Module

Generation of equivalent geometric imperfections and pre-deformed initial structures for nonlinear calculations

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760.00 USD