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18 August 2015




  • Automatic import of structural data and boundary conditions from RSTAB
  • Optional consideration of favorable effects due to tension
  • Import of axial forces from RSTAB load cases or user-defined specifications for member
  • Results by member including effective lengths L about weak and strong axis with corresponding effective length factors β
  • Results by member listing standardized buckling modes
  • Results of critical load factors regarding buckling case for entire structure
  • Graphics and animated visualization of buckling modes on the rendered model
  • Identification of members free of compression forces
  • Optional transfer of the effective lengths to other RSTAB design modules for equivalent member designs according to standards
  • Optional export of buckling mode geometry to the RSIMP add-on module in order to create RSTAB imperfections
  • Direct data export to MS Excel

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Stability analysis according to the eigenvalue method

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