RX-TIMBER Glued-Laminated Beam | Input

Product Feature

There are various options available for beam modeling. Graphical representations facilitate the geometry input. Modifications are updated automatically. Deflection of cantilevers can be set in the serviceability limit state design, independently from the deflection in the span.

You can select the relevant timber grade of the material from the material library. All material grades specified in EN 1995-1-1: 2004 (EC 5) or DIN 1052:2008-12 and the selected National Annex are available for glulam, hardwood and softwood timber. Furthermore, it is possible to generate a strength class with user-defined material properties in order to extend the library. Permanent loads (for example roof structure) can also be entered using the comprehensive and extendable material library.

Generators integrated in RX-TIMBER Glued-Laminated Beam allow for comfortable generation of various wind and snow load cases. Load cases are displayed graphically and superimposed in automatically generated load combinations according to EN 1990, DIN 1055-100, or DIN 1052. In this way, the required input data is reduced to a minimum. However, you can enter load specifications manually as well.

Stand-Alone Timber Structures
RX-TIMBER Glued-Laminated Beam 2.xx

Stand-Alone Program

Timber design of single-span and wide-span glulam beams according to Eurocode 5 or DIN 1052

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD