RWIND Simulation | Features

Product Feature



25 September 2019


  • 3D incompressible wind flow analysis with OpenFOAM® software package
  • Direct model import from RFEM and RSTAB or from STL files
  • Easy model modification via drag and drop and graphical manipulators
  • Automatic corrections of model topology using shrink-wrapping meshes
  • Option to add surrounding objects (buildings, terrain, ...)
  • Elevation-dependent velocity profiles according to the standard
  • k-epsilon and k-omega turbulence models
  • Automatic meshing adapted to the selected level of detail
  • Parallel calculation fully utilizing the performance of multicore PCs
  • Results in a few minutes for low resolution simulations (up to 1 million cells)
  • Results in a few hours for medium/high resolution simulations (1-10 million cells)
  • Graphical display of results on clipper/slicer planes (scalar and vector fields)
  • Graphical display of streamlines
  • Streamline animation (optional video creation)