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Dlubal Software gives you a solid foundation for your planning. Founded in 1987, Dlubal Software develops user-friendly and powerful programs for your structural and dynamic analysis and design.

More than 300 employees in 10 locations deliver continuous software support and optimization of the Dlubal structural analysis software every day. The reviews speak for themselves: Dlubal Software has gained more than 100,000 satisfied users worldwide.

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Quality Management of Dlubal Software

The benchmark for the quality of our products and services is the satisfaction of our customers and business partners. We always strive to keep you satisfied with our customer service, technical support services, and training offer, and user satisfaction with regard to our software application. If you enjoy working with the Dlubal software, we have achieved our goal.


Support & Training

Service is one of our greatest strengths! The extensive scope of services is one of the great advantages of Dlubal Software. If you have any questions or problems with your calculations, you can use our qualified expert hotline. The service levels are regulated by service contracts. In principle, every user can ask our service engineers technical questions: Dlubal takes all of these questions seriously and answers them within the existing service contracts and other agreements.

Our customer service in support is characterized by a prompt and fast response time. On working days, we aim to provide an answer within 24 hours, for which Dlubal uses competent staff. Infinite queues with creepy elevator music? Not with us! You will always find enough competent support engineer here, so you don't have to wait for a long time. Customers with a concluded service contract always have priority over customers without a service contract.

In order to take full advantage of the software possibilities, Dlubal offers you technical training on the programs. This allows you as a user to get started with the software quickly and under qualified guidance.



In the sales talk, you will receive open and honest advice with the aim of determining the optimal composition of the program modules for your specific area of application. In addition to the technical requirements, we also take your stated budget into the considerations.
The software is dispatched and delivered immediately in accordance with legal regulations and requirements. You will be informed proactively in the event of any delays.



We offer you first-hand news. The Dlubal products are accompanied by informative marketing measures, which ensure that the important information about new versions and changes is sent directly to you. These measures are always based on the true scope of our products – we don't have to gloss over anything! As a user, you have the opportunity to obtain regular and direct information via various media, such as websites, newsletters, webinars, information days, trade fairs, and so on. This allows you to get the most out of your Dlubal products.


Quality Assurance of Dlubal Programs

Did you know? Dlubal Software undergoes constant quality control. All parts of the program are tested fully automatically and manually before they are released. We set our priorities according to the needs of our users – that is, according to you! A particular attention we pay to the user-friendliness, practicality, and adherence to reference examples. We document all errors in writing, evaluate them, and, of course, correct them, if necessary. The release of new versions may only be carried out by authorized persons (initially employees in quality control and then the management) after all the tests provided and a positive assessment of the test result. So you can be sure that we will do our best to provide you with the software that fully meets your needs.


Behavior in Case of Program Issues

Mistakes have no chance with us: Dlubal Software pursues open communication of known problems or malfunctions. The aim is always to avoid damage to you as a customer when using the software. We systematically document the program errors and submit them to a correction process. The technical customer support is at your side in case of the detection of program errors and, if possible, provides remedial action via workarounds. When releasing a new version, you can view the most important corrections online in the form of update reports. This is how Dlubal ensures that the software is always optimized.


Qualified Specialists and Continuous Training

As a user of Dlubal software, you are never left alone. Qualified and reliable specialists are available for your support. Usually, these are civil engineers or mechanical engineers. At Dlubal, new employees are comprehensively trained and prepared for the job in customer support. If necessary, our Dlubal engineers can take part in special seminars that help them with their work. We foster a culture of lifelong learning and support our employees in their own professional development initiatives. Mutual encouragement and the exchange of knowledge between all employees are important principles of the corporate culture at Dlubal.


Communication with Customers and Other Business Partners

The primary objective of Dlubal Software is the satisfaction of our customers or business partners within the promised services. Of course, this includes a friendly, helpful, and courteous tone, which all Dlubal employees are encouraged to use.

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