New School Building in Gol, Norway

Customer Project

Structural Engineering DBC AS
Gol, Norway
Architects Arkitektene Vis-a-Vis
Trondheim, Norway
Investor Municipality of Gol, Norway
Construction Veidekke AS, avd. Hallingdal
Oslo, Norway

In June 2016, a new modern school was opened in Gol, Norway, after almost two years of construction.

The three-story building with a gross floor area of 8,500 m² provides a space for 750 students from 1st to 10th Grade.

Numerous glass surfaces provide good lighting conditions in the building all year round. The Norwegian company DBC AS, a customer of Dlubal Software, was responsible for the structural analysis of the school and the detailed planning of all in‑situ concrete constructions. In addition, DBC AS delivered the internal forces calculated in RFEM to the producer of prefabricated construction parts (concrete & steel).


The entire spatial model was entered and calculated in the structural FEA software RFEM. It consists of steel, reinforced concrete, and timber and includes 1,421 members and 193 surfaces.

The roof covering of the school is realized with Lett‑Tak elements (sandwich elements with integrated thin steel sections). These elements have a very high load bearing capacity for vertical loads (span up to 18 m), but they are weaker when subjected to horizontal loading. In order to represent the roof panels correctly, the surface elements with appropriate stiffnesses (determined by the Lett‑Tak company on the basis of tests) were used in RFEM model.

Two lift shafts and transverse walls of prefabricated prestressed concrete elements together with the steel diagonals ensure horizontal stiffening. For the diagonals and columns, pipes and square tubes were used for aesthetic reasons. Rigid frames were applied in the areas where it was not possible to arrange the bracing.

Data exchange between the structural engineer and the architect or other parties was carried out by IFC models. In this way, it was possible to perform the optimum collision checks. Moreover, this was very helpful to meet the very tight building schedule.

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