Hangar Structure in International Airport Silvio Petirossi – Luque, Paraguay

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Investor XT Paraguay S.A
Structural Design and Steel Structure Metalúrgica Vera S.R.L
Ypané, Paraguay
E-mail: contacto@metalurgicavera.com.py

Metalúrgica Vera S.R.L. was commissioned with the design and construction of a new hangar in the International Airport Silvio Petirossi in Paraguay for protecting and repairing large airplanes.

The building consists of seven steel frames at a distance of 7.7 meters. The walls consist of a pre-cast thermo-acoustically insulated concrete wall system. The roof cladding is formed by sandwich panels that rest on cold-formed lightweight steel sections.

The large span of approx. 213 ft is realized by two-hinged frames with welded tapered cross-sections. The cross-section depth is ~ 1.6 ft at the bottom of the columns and ~ 6.6 ft at the top. The frame beams are initially tapered in the middle of the beam as well. Due to the strong bracings, the system can also withstand 3-second gust wind loads of 180 km/h, as required by the Paraguayan wind standard NP 196. In combination with the purlins, the bracings also serve to avoid lateral-torsional buckling of the frame beams.

The basic design was carried out with RF-STEEL and the standard checks with RF-STEEL AISC. After the calculation, the building was designed three-dimensionally with Tekla Structures in order to save time on site and to ensure high quality during construction.

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