Guyed Mast for Wind Performance Measurements in Andalusia, Spain

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Customer Project

Removable guyed masts are used not only for telecommunications purposes, but also for collecting wind data in order to evaluate the profitability of a planned wind farm. Such removable and permanent towers can reach heights of up to 492 ft and are mounted at the planned windmill height in uninhabited areas.

Structural Analysis and Design Lasser Eolica S.L., Madrid, Spain


The Spanish company Lasser Eólica specializes in evaluating wind data. Their services also include the design, documentation and construction of guyed masts worldwide. The main goal of the tower structure is to achieve as maximum wind permeability. Therefore, the towers consist of tubular steel trusses with a triangular ground plan. For each plane, three sets of prestressed cables are used to stabilize the tower at different heights.

To avoid measurement errors during data collection, the measuring devices such as anemometer and weather vane must be positioned by level arms at a certain distance and at a certain height from the tower surface according to ISO 61400-12-1.

Design in RSTAB

The Lasser Eólica technical team designs the relevant load cases such as ice and wind loading depending on each individual project’s location. Afterwards, the data is entered in RSTAB using customized data sheets. The load is entered with the TOWER Loading add-on module. For the standard design together with the global stability behavior, the team additionally utilizes the add-on modules STEEL EC3 and RSBUCK.

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