Newly Constructed Multi-Purpose Stadium in Uyo, Nigeria

Customer Project

13 October 2014

Nigeria RSTAB Steel Structures

Structural Engineering formTL ingenieure für Tragwerk und Leichtbau GmbH
Radolfzell, Germany
Construction Main Contractor
Julius Berger Services Nigeria Ltd.
Warri, Nigeria

Solid construction planning
Julius Berger International GmbH
Wiesbaden, Germany

Steel constructors
Bilfinger MCE GmbH
Linz, Austria
Architect ASS Planungs GmbH - Freie Architekten
Stuttgart, Germany

The following data refer to the model of the stadium (without VIP box)

Length: ~ 248 m | Width: ~ 156 m | Height: ~ 24 m
Number of Nodes: 6,024 | Members: 12,049 | Cross-Sections: 37

Following a three-year construction period, a stadium with 30,000 seats was completed in 2014 in Uyo, Nigeria. Major national and international events will take place in this multifunctional two-tier stadium.

Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom State in southern Nigeria and has about 400,000 inhabitants.

The steel structure of the stadium has been calculated by formTL using RSTAB.


The stadium consists of two separate structures. One is the VIP box and the other has rounded corners and a straight back. The VIP area is a straight truss system with vertical façade, straight cantilevered beams and rectangular façade panels. The other part of the stadium structure has curved cantilevered beams and rhomboidal façade panels.

The RSTAB model of the VIP box consists of 4,610 members and the main model of the stadium includes 12,049 members. The cantilevered roof beams are tubular trusses made of steel S 355.

The ornamental façade was produced from 15 mm thick casted plates made of white plexiglass. The point-mounted plexiglass panels near the arch beams are partially cut out and together form a large mosaic. Acoustic trapezoidal sheet metal has been used as roofing.

Thanks to the geometry of the stadium, the visibility is optimal. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that ideal escape routes are guaranteed in case of emergencies.

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