Construction Dry Mixing Plant in Landsberg/Lech, Germany

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Dietz Würtele Ingenieure
Consulting engineers in construction
Investor Baumit GmbH, Landsberg/Lech

On the site of Baumit GmbH in Landsberg/Lech, a second mixing plant for ground building materials was built in 2015. The total weight of the supporting steel construction amounts to about 600 tonnes.

The structural analysis of the 3D model was performed by Dietz Würtele Ingenieure, the customer of Dlubal Software.


The substructure, 26 m high, has the axis dimensions 18 m x 12 m. The columns are constructed on a floor slab made of reinforced concrete which is built upon large bored piles. The mixing unit as well as all machinery is housed in the substructure.

The silo grating is located at +26 m. 36 silos (6 x 6) are placed on it. Each silo row is located on a cantilever, oriented to the north and south.

The construction is reinforced in all directions by wall bracings. The horizontal planes with a standard distance of about 4.00 - 5.00 m are reinforced horizontally with bracings or welded floor panels to reduce the effective lengths of the columns.

The dry mixing plant has a total altitude of about 50 m.

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