Tennis Court Tension Membrane Roof in Belin-Béliet, France

The Belin-Béliet (department of Gironde) municipality tennis club, founded in 1976, completed a new tennis hall in July 2019. This project was made possible due to a subsidy provided by the French Tennis Federation along with the support of the municipality.

ACS Production provided the tensioned canvas roof structural analysis and design. The Dlubal customer is internationally known for its expertise in the textile architecture field (sports buildings, stadium grandstands, swimming pools, school yards, canopies, awnings, covered passages, stretched ceilings, facade cladding, and so on).

Technical Project Details

The roof includes a double curvature textile cover supported on a timber arch substructure. The roof membrane has a separate module for each panel. The fabric is inserted into aluminum sections which are further attached to timber rafters. Tensioning is carried out by the metallic tensioning arches and a cable at one end. The continuous membranes at the facade are fixed at the perimeter in plate-shaped grooved sections, and the canvas is fixed to the intermediate columns to prevent displacement.
Location Rue du Stade
33830 Belin-Béliet
Investor Tennis club Belin-Béliet, France
Construction Management Architectural office of Bruno Amblard, Saint-Magne, France
Concept and Realization ACS Production, Montoir de Bretagne, France

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 76
Number of Lines 82
Number of Members 35
Number of Surfaces 35
Number of Load Cases 10
Number of Load Combinations 32
Number of Result Combinations 3
Total Weight 2.032 tons
Dimensions 71.26 x 124.77 x 15.14 feet
Program Version 5.22.03

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