When calculating in RF-CONCRETE, I get the results split in directions 1, 2, and 3. What is the general definition of the reinforcement directions?


The position of the reinforcement is defined in RFEM as follows:

1.) Directions 1,2 and 3

The directions 1,2, and 3 for results of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces are the reinforcement directions. Directions 1 and 2 correspond to the directions of the local axes x and y. Direction 1 corresponds to the local x-axis, direction 2 to the local y-axis (provided that no rotation angle is defined for the reinforcement: n1 = x and n2 = y with phi1 = 0° and phi2 = 90°).

A rotation angle would then define axis 3.

The angle can be adjusted in Table 1.4 of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, in register Reinforcement Layout.

For internal forces, the designations 1 and 2 are the principal axis directions.

2.) Top/Bottom for Reinforcement (Global Z-Axis, bottom )

Since RFEM can also calculate and design three-dimensional structures, the description for reinforcement layers must be oriented to the local surface axis systems.

Top means on the side of the surface opposite to the positive local z-axis direction. Accordingly, the bottom position in the + z-direction is defined by the local coordinate system. For better differentiation from the global coordinate system (X, Y, Z), it is identified with lowercase letters.

The x- and y-axes lie on the surface, the z-axis is perpendicular to the surface. You can display the local axis system as follows:

- Activate the Display navigator on the left side of the screen (it is possible to set all display features in a tree-like structure)

- Open the path 'Model > Surfaces' and activate the checkbox in front of the entry 'Surface Axis Systems x, y, z.'

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