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Is it possible to output the modulus of elasticity from element state II (calculation with RF-CONCRETE Deflect) element by element?


The Young's modulus in the state II is not directly output in the deflect calculation.

But you can switch to the result window "3.3 Point-by-Scavity Serviceability Design" and filter an FE mesh or grid point for which you want to see the design details. See Figure 01.

In the table, select the result row for the "u z, local " deformation.

Then, click the [i] button to display the design details for the selected point.

In the design details, you can find the intermediate values for the deformation analysis, such as the moment of inertia of the cross-section in state I and state II, the distribution coefficient zeta, and the final cross-section values. See Figure 02.

Since these intermediate values are always determined when you open the design details table and are always displayed and temporarily saved for that point, the intermediate values can not be displayed graphically for the designed surface.


Deflect Modulus of elasticity State 2 State II Condition Deformation

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