Which interfaces are available for export?


  • Interface between RFEM/RSTAB and Autodesk Revit

    RFEM and RSTAB communicate with Revit Structure via a direct interface and allow data to be exchanged. Structures modeled with RFEM and RSTAB can be transferred at the push of a button to Revit Structure.

    RFEM/RSTAB is based on an object-oriented building model and Revit on parametric modeling. Thus, the intelligence of the objects is not lost during the data exchange. This means that you get another equivalent object in Revit or RFEM/RSTAB for a column or beam, and not just a collection of lines.
  • Direct RSTAB/RFEM interface to Autodesk AutoCAD

    The members are exported as lines from RFEM/RSTAB. The layers of these lines contain information about the used cross-sections and materials. When exporting a DXF file from RFEM, it is possible to export the numbering, which is controlled by the navigator, in addition to the entire model - including the FE mesh.

    Another option for exporting from RFEM/RSTAB is to transfer results in the form of isolines to a DXF file. Various elements such as isolines, FE mesh, values, etc. can be specifically selected.

  • Direct RSTAB/RFEM interface to Tekla Structures

    With the directly integrated interface, the analytical model of detailed systems can be transferred easily from Tekla Structures to RFEM/RSTAB.

    The Tekla model can be updated quickly using the direct interface by comparing the modified materials, profiles and coordinates when carrying out modifications in structural engineering. It is also possible to remove construction elements that no longer exist or to add new ones.

  • Interfaces to Rhino & Grasshopper

    Rhino interface: Lines, as well as surfaces including openings, can be transferred to RFEM (export) or imported from RFEM (import). The following line types can be transferred: line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, parabola and NURBS. In addition, it is possible to exchange these surface types: plane, rotated surface, and NURBS.

    Grasshopper Interface: This interface enables activation of the Dlubal-Tab in Grasshopper. This includes three components. The 'Surfaces' component allows you to add Dlubal-specific surface properties (material, thickness, surface stiffness type) to 2D geometries. Use the 'Member' component to add member-specific properties (material, cross-section, member rotation) to incoming lines or curves. The third component allows for direct export to RFEM.

  • Other exchange formats

    DXF, IFC, STP (e.g. for Intergraph, Advance Steel, SEMA, Cadwork, HSB-Cad, etc.), DSTV (e.g. for Bocad and Frilo), FEM (Glaser) and CFE (Strakon), XLS (Microsoft EXCEL), CSV, ISM.DGN, DGN (Bentley ISM), DAT, SMLX (Advance Steel), ASF (Nemetschek Allplan), ESF

A detailed overview of the interfaces and the BIM-oriented planning is available on our website Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Also, there are already numerous webinars about BIM that you can watch on our website as a video.


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