Which features are available for the data exchange between Grasshopper and RFEM?


After the successful installation of the interface, the RFEM5 toolbar is available. The corresponding components allow you to control the export to RFEM. To do this, simply drag and drop them into the programming interface. The import from RFEM is not possible.

The "RFEM 5 COM Component" allows for communication between Grasshopper and RFEM. As soon as you use this component with the geometrical information, the export will begin. An opened RFEM file is expected. It is recommended to use an empty file because the export overwrites all information. The update mechanism is not implemented at the moment. By using "Value List," you can additionally define the unit which is used to describe the geometry. The modifications of tolerances are usually only necessary if the points have been defined very close to each other. You can enter the number to be stored for this in "Panel."
The "RFEM 5 Member Component" allows you to attach additional information to the geometry (lines, curves). These are considered during the export to RFEM so that the members can be created. The material and cross-section name can be entered in a text box (panel). The member rotation can be defined in [rad] by using "Number Slider." For the definition of member hinges, it is necessary to additionally load the "RFEM 5 Member Hinge Component." The input consists of 6 degrees of freedom which can be controlled individually. For the release of a degree of freedom, it is necessary to define the value "0," and spring constants are expected in the units [N/m] or [Nm/rad]. It is not possible to change the unit. Currently, nonlinearities cannot be specified.
The "RFEM 5 Surface Component" can be used in a similar way as the "Member" component. A surface is expected when entering the geometry. The material can be attached to them by using the "panel." The surface thickness can be defined in [m] by using the number slider. The stiffness type of the surface can be controlled by "Value List" with the predefined types.
You can create nodal supports by using the "RFEM 5 Nodal Support Component." On the Input page, you can define the points to be supported. In this case, it is recommended to use the already existing definition nodes of surfaces or lines. All 6 degrees of freedom can be controlled. In this case, the value "0" means a release in the respective direction, "-1" means a fixed support. Spring constants can be defined in the same way as member hinges.

You can download the Grasshopper file shown in the figure. It is only necessary to activate the "RFEM 5 COM Component."


Grasshopper Rhino Rhinoceros Export Import



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