17 December 2019

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How to import a parameterized cross-section table into the cross-section library?


The cross-section library in RFEM or RSTAB offers the option to import a list of parameterized cross-sections into the user-defined cross-section library with the 'Import Cross-Section Table from File' function.

Figure 01 - Importing Cross-Section Table from File

For this task, the cross-section shape to be imported must be compatible with a shape that can already be parameterized in the Dlubal cross-section library (also known as a cross-section table). This cross-section shape then determines the type and order of the import parameters.

To import a user-defined cross-section table, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Dlubal Cross-Section Library, find a cross-section table that is compatible with the cross-section table that you want to import.

    Here, the parameterizable cross-section types (thin-walled, solid and timber construction) specify the necessary parameters in the correct order for the import directly from the input boxes in the input boxes from top to bottom.

    Figure 02 - Parameters and Sequence of Regular Parametrically Defined Cross-Sections

    For rolled cross-section types, you can find the required parameters in the correct order using the 'Parametric Input' function.

    Figure 03 - Parameters and Sequence of Rolled Parametrically Defined Cross-Sections

  2. Create a CSV table for the cross-section table to be imported, which describes in each line a unique cross-section via the parameters 'Name' + Shape Parameters based on the previously defined parameter list and order.

    The shape parameters must be specified in mm

    Figure 04 - Creation of CSV File

    For reasons of data representation, the individual cross-section names in the CSV file should start with the same Text Fragment as the CSV file name itself. This ensures that the new cross-section table in RFEM or RSTAB bears the name of the CSV file.

  3. Import the CSV file with the cross-section table used into the user-defined cross-section library.

    Figure 05 - Importing Cross-Section Table

  4. Use the cross-sections of the newly imported cross-section table in your models.

    Figure 06 - Use of New User-Defined Cross-Section Table


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