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How can I place a cross-section on another cross-section?


The offset point of a cross-section is used as a reference point to place the section in the cross-section. This point is highlighted in red in the cross-section graphic of the "Set Section" dialog box (Figure 01). The coordinates y and z refer to the centroid of the cross-section.

Figure 01 - Offset Point (marked in red)

Another reference point can be selected by clicking one of the red nodes, or turquoise snap points can be defined. At this point, the section is "glued" to the pointer before it is finally set with a mouse click.

The clever selection of the cross-section offset point makes it easier to set the cross-section on elements. This is also demonstrated in the video. Please note that the cross-sections shown in the video are not yet connected to each other. How these can be connected is shown in FAQ 002389.


Offset point Reference point Snap point Section offset point


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  • Updated 10 November 2020

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