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RF-CONCRETE Members for RFEM or CONCRETE for RSTAB propose an automatically created reinforcement to the user, if the “Design the provided reinforcement” option is selected in Window 1.6 “Reinforcement”.

The module determines the proposed reinforcement with the specifications in Window 1.6. The goal is to find the required reinforcement under consideration of the parameters (provided rebar diameter, possible number of reinforcement layers, curtailment, type of anchorage) with the least possible required amount of rebars or rebar cross‑sections.

After the calculation, the provided reinforcement is shown in the results windows 3.1 through 3.3.

As already mentioned, the reinforcement shown in the “Provided Reinforcement” module window is just a proposal that you can accept or modify.

The module offers a very simple option to adjust the proposed reinforcement subsequent to the calculation. To open the dialog box for the adjustment of the preliminarily layed out reinforcement, click the according button in the graphical display of the reinforcement, thus opening the “Edit Longitudinal Reinforcement” dialog box. In this dialog box, you can control and, if necessary, modify the specifications for the location, bar positioning, rebar diameter, and anchorage.

As shown in this example, the proposed reinforcement was changed to the effect that secondary rebars (item No. 6) were placed at the sides of the rectangular cross‑section.

After you close the dialog box and click and entry in the navigator of the module, you are asked to accept the changes at the reinforcement and perform a recalculation. The adjusted reinforcement is shown in the graphic only after this recalculation.


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