Improved Graphical Representation of Design Details in RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

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RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro now offers an improved graphical representation of the result details. To see them, go to Window 2.2 Governing Design Criteria after the calculation. The interactive graphic in this window allows you to view the individual design-relevant values for each computed design.

Among others, the support forces transmitted from the nodal supports can be shown either individually (Pz, Px, Py, Mx, Mz) or as the total nodal loading. Results like the distribution of compressive stress under the foundation slab (see Figure) are now also better illustrated. The existing values for the row selected in the details table are shown. You can hide or unhide the results or load values by using the [Show All Results] button.

The values refer to the governing load case or the governing load combination. Alternatively, you can also select a specific load case or a specific load combination to further analyze its results.

This new feature is available starting from the versions 5.02 (RFEM, RF‑FOUNDATION Pro) or 8.02 (RSTAB, FOUNDATION Pro).


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