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In RF-/STEEL EC3, you can optimize a cross‑section automatically within the design. For this, select the corresponding cross‑section in Table 1.3 or define variable parameters for a welded cross‑section.

In terms of a further optimization or variant analysis, you can also select completely different cross‑sections for the design in the add‑on module as they are connected with members in the RFEM/RSTAB model. You can manually overwrite an existing cross‑section in column B of Table 1.3 with a desired section. However, in the case of several cross‑sections or long descriptions such as “IU 500/250/16/10.2/200/16/0/0”, this can be time‑consuming. With the standard RFEM/RSTAB interface to MS Excel/OpenOffice, you can do this in no time at all.

Note: When optimizing a cross‑section, the internal forces are not automatically recalculated with the modified cross‑sections. The user decides which sections are to be transferred to the main program for recalculation. Because of the modified stiffnesses in the system, the internal forces defined by the optimized cross‑sections can differ significantly.


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