Modeling Containers by Generating a 3D Cell

With the "Generate Model - Members" → "3D Cell" function, it is very easy to generate containers (shipping containers, office containers, mobile homes, and so on) with regular and irregular distribution of the cells.

Moreover, the grid spacings, in case of an irregular grid arrangement, and the openings can be configured in another dialog box for each of the six container sides.

If the side walls, which are usually made of trapezoidal sheet, are taken into account during the calculation, the easiest way is to consider them with an orthotropic surface with the Trapezoidal Sheet orthotropy type.

With the "Generate Model - Surfaces" → "Surfaces from Cells" function, the individual cells of the container can be closed with surfaces very quickly, with a few mouse clicks.

It is easy to model additional crane eyes by dividing the members into surfaces at the edge nodes and inserting openings. Moreover, user-defined corner points that have been saved in the Block Manager can be inserted quickly at the corresponding location.


Mr. Baumgärtel provides technical support for Dlubal Software customers.