Features of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces

Product Feature

  • Free definition of two or three reinforcement layers in the ultimate limit state
  • Vectorial representation of the main stress directions of internal forces allowing optimal orientation adjustment of the third reinforcement layer to the actions
  • Design alternatives to avoid compression or shear reinforcement
  • Design of surfaces as deep beams (theory of membranes)
  • Option to define basic reinforcements for top and bottom reinforcement layer
  • Definition of designed reinforcement for serviceability limit state design
  • Results output in grid points of any selected grid
  • Optional extension of the module with nonlinear deformation analysis. The calculation is performed in RF‑CONCRETE Deflect by reducing the stiffness according to the standard, or in RF‑CONCRETE NL by the general nonlinear calculation determining the stiffness reduction in an iterative process.
  • Design with design moments at column edges
  • Itemization of reasons for failed design
  • Design details of all design locations for better traceability of reinforcement determination 
  • Export of isolines for the longitudinal reinforcement in a DXF file for further use in CAD programs as a basis for reinforcement drawings

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RFEM Concrete Structures

Add-on Module

Design of reinforced concrete members and surfaces (plates, walls, planar structures, shells)

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