RF-/FE-LTB | Features

Product Feature

  • Full integration in RFEM/RSTAB including import of all relevant loads
  • General stress analysis with warping torsion according to elastic/elastic method
  • Stability analysis of planar continuous members for buckling and lateral torsional buckling
  • Determination of critical load factor and thus of Mcr or Ncr (the factor can be used in RF-/LTB for the el/pl design)
  • Lateral torsional buckling analysis of any cross-section (also the SHAPE-THIN cross-sections)
  • Design of members and sets of members with applied torsion (e.g. crane girder)
  • Optional determination of the limit load factor (critical load factor)
  • Display of eigenmodes and torsional modes on the rendered cross-section
  • Wide range of tools for determining shear panels and rotational restraints (such as corrugated sheets, purlins, bracings)
  • Easy determination of discrete springs such as warp springs from end plates or rotational springs from columns
  • Graphical selection of load application points on a cross-section (upper chord, centroid, lower chord or any other point)
  • Free arrangement of eccentric nodal and line supports on a cross-section
  • Determination of value for inclination or precamber by means of eigenvalue analysis
  • Special warping releases applicable for definition of warping conditions on transitions

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RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures
RF-FE-LTB 5.xx

Add-on Module

Lateral-torsional buckling analysis of members according to the second-order analysis (FEM)

Price of First License
900.00 USD