Garage Pétry à ROOST, Luxembourg

Customer Project

Structural Analysis and Construction SCHATZ Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany
Project Management Réalisation Immobilière Industrielle S.A./AG
Investor Jos Petry
Wellenstein, Luxemburg

The following data refer to one car dealership building.

Length: ~ 119.75 ft | Width: ~ 90.22 ft | Height: ~ 42.65 ft | Weight: ~ 1,247 t
Number of Nodes: 245 | Members: 420 | Materials: 3 | Cross-Sections: 23

In Roost, Luxembourg, a new building complex relating to cars is built. There will be up to six car dealerships, a parking garage, and a paint shop built on the site. The construction project was divided into two planning phases. The first phase includes three multi‑story car dealerships with the same type of the supporting structure.

Schatz Engineering, a customer of Dlubal Software, was responsible for the structural and design engineering of the building complex. RSTAB has been used for structural design, and Tekla Structures for design engineering.


The three structurally identical car dealerships have the external dimensions L x W x H of about 121 ft x 92 ft x 43 ft.

The supporting structure consists of precast columns with molded foundations. Precast concrete supports are placed on column corbels. Walls were designed as concrete hollow walls. Floors and ceilings are made of precast concrete slabs. The roof structure and the facade substructure were designed as a steel structure.

BIM Planning with RSTAB and Tekla Structures

The project planning has been carried out in Tekla Structures. The Tekla model was transferred to RSTAB using the direct interface. After performing the structural analysis, beam dimensions have been updated in the Tekla model.

Tekla Structures was also used to create formwork and reinforcement drawings for the precast concrete elements, garage design, schemes and NC data for the steel structure, among other things.

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