Mechanical Displacement System Design, Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte, France

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Steel Structures

Structural Analysis AGICEA, Orange, France
Investor Groupe MOSCATELLI, Sorgues, France

The project goal for a hydroelectric power plant was to analyze the resistance of a double mechanical displacement system on rails subjected to tensile stress.

Technical Details and Calculation

The model includes various solids with different materials (steel S235, S275, bronze, steel 42CD4). The rail is supported by clamping connections fixed on foundation plates.  The entire system can be moved with the four rollers fixed on a slide component and limited to displacement in the x- and y-direction. The entire frame structure is represented by double UPN sections.

Since a tension force was not specifically defined, the model was calculated with an iterative method taking into consideration a Eurocode safety factor until the stability and elastic limit of each material was reached.

It was decided to calculate each component as a solid model (3D FEA) to check each mesh point and if the contact stresses and internal deformations would affect the behavior of the respective part. Additionally, the mesh was considerably refined.

Result Evaluation

After the calculation, the deformation was checked to ensure realistic results.

Then, each component was isolated from similar material elements to view the maximum von Mises stresses. Figure 03 displays the clamping connection and roller von Mises stresses.

The iterative calculations were completed until the stability or elastic limit of the material was reached to derive the maximum allowable tensile force in the system. This maximum allowable load was determined to be 1.41 tons.

In addition, the project calculation package has been published where all results, input data and design checks can be reviewed.

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