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Is it possible to display the critical temperature in the fire resistance design?


In the program, you can enter a final temperature of the steel. This function has been implemented to use e.g. results from real fire events or fire test locations and carry out the analyzes with a more accurate temperature, since the temperature rise is usually divided into several phases in real firing and thus is more favorable for the design.

When carrying out design on the level of temperature, it turns out that the highest temperature that occurs in the structural component is less than the critical steel temperature. The critical steel temperature is the temperature at which the component resistance is just as high as the loading due to mechanical loads.

This is not a design according to ULS, since no stability analyzes are usually carried out in this case. Therefore, it is possible to use this method for the preliminary design of a structural component by calculating e.g. the critical temperature using the factor of utilization for the moment loading. We do not offer this method directly, but you have the possibility to determine a critical temperature of the structural component iteratively by specifying the temperature, but I would recommend to consider the stability analyzes. The determined critical temperature may be smaller than the one of the formulas in the Eurocode, because as usual, no stability analysis is considered.


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