High-Bay Racking, China

The rack has a height of 13 m (43 ft), a width of 14 m (46 ft), and a length of 120 m (394 ft). Cross struts are attached vertically every 14 m (46 ft) to ensure transverse bracing.

The rack structure is divided into four rows, connected by rectangular hollow sections. Dlubal customer Shanghai Jingxing Storage Equipment Engineering was responsible for the structural analysis of the entire high-bay racking, using RFEM.

The structure consists of more than 36,000 individual members. The column and longitudinal beam cross-sections used are all non-standardized cross-sections. Therefore, they were created using the cross-section program RSECTION and imported to RFEM, where they were designed.

Location China
Structural Design Shanghai Jingxing Storage Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Project Specifications

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