Office Building with Integrated Visitor Center and Parking Garage in Geiselbulach, Germany

The four-story office building welcomes visitors, members, and employees of the AmperVerband company in its modern premises. The entrance area of the partially glazed facade includes inclined, V‑shaped composite steel columns spanning two floors.

The building stands out against its green surroundings in an unmistakably bright blue. The new building in Geiselbulach has a partial basement and provides space for both a visitors' center and numerous parked vehicles. The engineering office and Dlubal customer "Die Tragwerker GmbH" was in charge of the structural design.


The T-shaped floor plan is spanned by a reinforced concrete monopitch roof. In addition to the inclined reinforced concrete columns, the entrance area features an impressive steel and glass staircase with a length of 8 m (26 ft) that connects the floors in a functional and aesthetic way. Above the lobby, a wall-like beam spans 18 m (59 ft) from the first to the second floor. This creates a spacious canteen and meeting room underneath.

The foundation is laid in the part of the building without a basement by means of a floor slab freely spanned between foundation beams. The beam-like strip footings transfer the concentrated loads into the load-bearing subsoil by means of well rings. An elastically bedded reinforced concrete floor slab is used in the basement area.

The Dlubal customer "Die Tragwerker GmbH" has created a truly interesting building using the structural analysis software RFEM.

Location Josef-Kistler-Weg 20
82140 Geiselbullach, Germany
Investor AmperVerband
Planning Architekturbüro Winzinger GmbH
Structural Design Die Tragwerker GmbH

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 878
Number of Lines 1179
Number of Members 155
Number of Surfaces 144
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 3
Number of Load Combinations 16
Number of Result Combinations 4
Total Weight 5864.604 tons
Dimensions 159.94 x 51.76 x 155.84 feet

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