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Robert Vogl Installation

The authorization fails when starting the program. It seems that the dongle is damaged. What can I do?


Click the following link to download a program that you can use to import the dongle on your computer or the network dongle:

Unzip the file and execute the file KeyDump.exe in the unzipped folder. A diagnostic program displays the dongle under "License Information." If this is not displayed, the dongle may be damaged, or the driver is not installed correctly.

Usually, dongle drivers are installed automatically during the program installation. If this is not the case, you can also install the dongle driver manually. You can download the current driver for your operating system here:

Furthermore, you should check the following:

  • Make sure that the Dlubal Software dongle is only plugged into the USB port during the installation. Remove the dongles of other manufacturers.
  • Administrator rights are required for a successful installation.


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