RF-/JOINTS Steel - SIKLA | Features

Product Feature

  • Design of the following Sikla joints:
    • Brackets of type AK and TKO
    • End plates of type STA, WBD, and WD
  • Interaction of internal forces
  • Consideration of eccentricities
  • Determination of nonlinear spring constants
  • Automatic check of connection geometry
  • Check of connected girder cross‑sections
  • Documentation of existing loading and comparison with load resistance
  • Results of design ratio for each individual joint
  • Automatic determination of governing internal forces for several load cases and connection nodes

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RFEM Connections
RF-JOINTS Steel - SIKLA 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of SIKLA joints according to GX K14-6005-3

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD