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In addition to the result tables, it is possible to create a three-dimensional graphics in RF‑/FRAME‑JOINT Pro and RF‑/JOINTS. This is a realistic representation of the connection to scale.

In addition to the views in the direction of the principal axes - which are activated by clicking the corresponding symbols - the graphic can also be viewed from any other perspective. For this, move the mouse over the graphical window while holding the middle mouse button and the Ctrl key.

A special feature allows you to separately display or hide the individual components of the connection as well as dimension lines and weld details, for example. The selection is possible in the navigator on the left of the graphic.

Using these options, you can represent a connection very clearly. You can print the individual views including dimensions and annotations directly in the printout report.


Display Graphic 3d Detail


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  • Updated 3 November 2020

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