A hall structure with modeled connections using the Steel Joints add-on. The connections can be designed for buckling. The structure and the connection can be used for a stability analysis using the Structure Stability add-on for RFEM 6. 

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Rigid Frame Connection in Hall Structure

Anzahl Knoten 47
Anzahl Linien 61
Anzahl Stäbe 61
Anzahl Flächen 0
Anzahl Volumenkörper 0
Anzahl Lastfälle 3
Anzahl Lastkombinationen 1
Anzahl Ergebniskombinationen 0
Gesamtgewicht 6.538 t
Abmessungen 12.000 x 4.500 x 20.000 m

You can download this structural model to use it for training purposes or for your projects. However, we do not assume any guarantee or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the model.

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