Download the model of a two-story building with cross-laminated timber walls and timber beam ceilings here, and open it with the structural FEA software RFEM.

The load transfer surface was used to apply the surface loads to the members. Furthermore, the respective load wizards were used for snow and wind loads.

All timber members and surfaces were designed using the Timber Design add-on.

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Cross-Laminated Timber Building

Number of Nodes 114
Number of Lines 169
Number of Members 40
Number of Surfaces 19
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 9
Number of Load Combinations 162
Number of Result Combinations 0
Total Weight 11.851 tons
Dimensions 26.25 x 19.19 x 22.97 feet

You can download this structural model to use it for training purposes or for your projects. However, we do not assume any guarantee or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the model.

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