New Secondary School Building in Laupheim, Germany

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Rohmer GmbH
Laupheim, Germany
Architect Herrmann + Bosch Architekten
Stuttgart, Germany
Construction Project Management
FIDES Project GmbH
Ulm, Germany
Investor City of Laupheim, Germany

Length: ~ 58 m | Width: ~ 56 m | Height: ~ 16 m
Number of Nodes: 3,328 | Lines: 4,755 | Members: 122 | Surfaces: 1,339 | Openings: 96 | Cross‑Sections: 6 | Materials: 3

Due to the insufficient capacity of the secondary school in Laupheim, a Swabian city in Southern Germany, it was necessary to build a new building.

Therefore, the extension building structure has been constructed between the existing buildings of a grammar and secondary school.

The architects Herrmann and Bosch from Stuttgart designed a three-story building having the following maximum dimensions:

  • Length: 58 m
  • Width: 56 m
  • Height: 16 m

The building forms a ring with an inner courtyard of approximately 17 m x 24 m.

The German engineering office Rohmer GmbH, a long-term customer of Dlubal Software, was in charge of the structural planning. The reinforced concrete construction was entered as a 3D structure in RFEM to take into account the spatial co‑action of the stiffening wall and floor surfaces. In this way, the building’s stability could be sufficiently ensured.

One of the special challenges of this project was that some of the stiffening shear walls could not be built to reach the foundation. In addition, due to the inappropriate soil, a pile foundation was required.

The reinforced concrete surfaces and members have been additionally designed in the RF‑CONCRETE add‑on module.

Anton Rohmer, responsible for structural planning, says: “Under the given conditions, and due to the building’s geometry, only a 3D calculation could provide realistic and efficient results.

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