Amphitheatre in Bytom, Poland

Customer Project

15 September 2014



Timber Structures

Structural Engineering Ing. Zbyněk Šrůtek
Česká Skalice, Czech Republic
Construction KASPER Polska Sp. z o.o.
Gliwice, Poland
Architecture Architectural Design
Łukasz Pluta, mgr inż. arch.
PLUS8.PL Architekci
Zabrze, Poland

A new extraordinary outdoor theatre was opened in Bytom, Poland, in August 2014. From a structural engineering point of view, the building consists of two parts (a theatre stage and a backstage) geometrically interconnected together by a spatial-shaped roof, providing a remarkable design of the building.

Theatre Stage Structure

The curved roof structure of the theatre stage is comprised of ten longitudinal frames of glued-laminated timber with various shapes that are hinge connected to the supporting walls of reinforced concrete.

The frames have a thickness of 100 mm and a variable cross-section from 600 to 1030 mm and a camber rise from 3700 to 6450 mm, and they bridge a distance of 18 m in the longitudinal direction. The distance of the frames in the transverse direction is 1.2 m.

The frames in both the longitudinal and transverse direction are arranged as squares and coffers with a wooden reinforcing system of diagonal crosses securing the stability in the transverse direction. The entire structural arrangement of the members and particularly the connections were designed with the maximum respect to the clear visual aspect of the structure as a whole.

Backstage Structure (Dressing Rooms)

The wall structure is designed in a "Two by Four" system with constructional gypsum fibreboard.

For the roof structure over the backstage, a combination of the two technologies is used. The visible part includes the same system of the glued-laminated timber elements as the main theatre stage. The non‑visible part consists of trusses with nail plates.

The program RFEM was used for the structural model considering all nonlinearities of the members and foundation properties. When designing the theatre, RFEM was effectively used together with the 3D timber construction software SEMA.

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