Storage Facility Construction in Faverolles, France

In order to expand its activity, the breakfast cereal manufacturer Dailycer France has requested the construction of an automated storage building located in Faverolles, in the north of France. This industrial and logistics facility consists mainly of a large reinforced concrete structure standing approximately 114 ft tall. This project was designed by the engineering office SPIC SAS, one of Dlubal Software's customers.

Design and Features

This storage building is a low-carbon concrete construction featuring prefabricated frame columns built in 2 separate construction stages. 300 tons of CO2 were saved on this project as compared to conventional concrete. This value represents about 30% of the usual carbon impact.

The column bases were fixed to the foundations using PEIKKO connections.

The structure is braced by the columns and an in-depth analysis was required at the column head in order to check the large displacements.

The separate analysis of the elements allowed consideration of the unfavorable effects associated with the assembly of the precast elements.

This construction enables large storage capacity, estimated at approximately 41,000 pallets for a surface area of 91,493.24 ft². This space also contains the entire storage management system.

Thanks to the prefabrication, as well as the expertise and experience of the various stakeholders who took part in elaborating this project, this impressive and unique concrete frame was assembled within a short period: only 60 days.

Design Software

The engineers of the design office SPIC SAS used the RSTAB structural frame and truss analysis software to model and design the building. The nonlinear material behavior (concrete and reinforcement) as well as the calculation used (second-order analysis) contributed both to the improvement of the structure and to the optimization of the construction costs of this project.

80500 Faverolles
Project Management DAILYCER FRANCE
Design Process AConstruct
Construction GCC Hauts de France
Engineering Office SPIC SAS

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 824
Number of Members 1092
Number of Load Cases 23
Number of Load Combinations 42
Total Weight 7299.783 tons
Dimensions 241.14 x 497.11 x 117.45 feet
Program Version 8.26.02

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