Steel Membrane Roofing of Grandstand at Xuzhou University of Technology, China

A membrane structure will elegantly span the grandstand on the East Campus of the Xuzhou University of Technology. The structure was designed by Jiangsu Jingong Space Structure Co., Ltd.

The membranes are supported by triangular trusses. Additional horizontal struts provide the required lateral stability. The structure makes an extremely stable impression, and not just visually.


To further enhance the structural stability, Dlubal customer Jiangsu Jingong Space Structure Co., Ltd. added additional trusses between the columns. This customer project shows how easy it is to create structures and that you can have both stability and elegance.

The structure was calculated using the Form-Finding and Steel Design add-ons for RFEM 6, taking into account the Chinese standards. The Stress-Strain Analysis add-on for RFEM 6 allowed for a detailed analysis of the orthotropic membrane material as part of the membrane analysis. The design verified that the stresses comply with the limit values of the Chinese standards.

Another Dlubal program that was utilized was RWIND. A digital wind tunnel ensured that the effects of wind loads had been considered properly.

This customer project shows how versatile Dlubal Software programs can be—a really interesting structure!

Location Xuzhou University of Technology
Xuzhou, China
Investor Xuzhou Engineering University
Structural Design Jiangsu Jingong Space Structure Co., Ltd.

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 326
Number of Lines 476
Number of Members 476
Number of Surfaces 10
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 7
Number of Load Combinations 0
Number of Result Combinations 0
Total Weight 45.769 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 42,000 x 14,160 x 21,588 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 137.8 x 46.46 x 70.83 feet

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