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1 December 2017

FAQ 001062 EN

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I have calculated a box girder. Which surface results or surface stresses can I use to evaluate the buckling behavior of the web plates?


Based only on the surface results or surface stresses, it is not possible to make a statement about the buckling behavior of the box girder. The stability behavior can be analyzed with the RF-STABILITY module. It determines the buckling figures and branching load factors that allow a statement about buckling behavior.

However, buckling design is not yet provided. For this purpose, the buckling mode would have to be transferred to the model, so that it can be calculated according to the second-order theory on the imperfect system. By performing a stress analysis with the RF- STEEL module, a buckling analysis could then be performed.

The transfer of the buckling shape is facilitated with the RF-IMP module. There, the equivalent geometry can be generated on the basis of the stability diagram, so that the buckling can be verified with a stress analysis according to the second order on the pre-deformed system with RF-STEEL.

The procedure in RFEM could look like this:

  • Modeling the entire cross-section as a 3D model
  • Applying loads
  • Calculation of the buckling figures with RF-STABILITY
  • Generation of a substitute model with RF-IMP
  • Calculation of load combinations according to Th. II order based on the equivalent model
  • Stress analysis with RF-STEEL

Alternatively, you can use the PLATE -BUCKLING module to analyze the buckling behavior.

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