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1 December 2017

Robert Vogl Calculation RFEM

In the model, the lines and nodes lying in the plane are not integrated in the surface in the surface properties. Also when selecting the surface using 'Select → Related Objects', the border lines are only selected, not the lines within the surface.

In the case of the 'Select in Plane' command with 'Definition of Plane via 3 Nodes', the lines are displayed as integrated in the surface, but not after creating the FE mesh. I have set the tolerances for regenerating the model as necessary.


Objects like lines and nodes are automatically integrated in a surface by default, as soon as these objects have a static function (for example, supports, load reference). Objects that are not statically relevant are not automatically integrated in the surface.

The reason is as follows: the results are not averaged at integrated lines, thus often leading to a jump in the colour distribution of the results values. At statically relevant lines, this is also correct. Many integrated lines, however, are so-called construction lines, and are particularly imported when importing a DFX file.

If you select the 'Integrate unutilized objects in the surface' check box in the FE Mesh Settings dialog box (see Figure), all lines will be integrated in the surface.


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