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When importing a .stp file into RFEM or RSTAB I get an error message with the reference to choose a different format. How to import .stp files?


Please keep in mind that unfortunately there are two different interfaces with the same file extension. On the one hand there is the .stp interface of the D eutsche ST ahlbau- V erbandes (DSTV), on the other hand STEP interface (ST andard for the E xchange of P roduct model data) which is defined in the ISO standard 10,303th While the DSTV interface refers to the system axes of bars, ie the static model, the STEP interface refers to the model geometry in the form of boundary lines, areas and simple volumes. In the latter case, the models can be imported either as RFEM objects (nodes, lines, surfaces, volumes) or as background foil for manual picking of the points. As a rule, the STEP interface does not transfer system lines but only the outer contour of the components so that the system levels have to be created manually afterwards. This can be realized in RSTAB and RFEM with the CAD / BIM model , for example.

If you receive the error message shown in Fig. 01, you will try to import a .stp file based on STEP via the DSTV interface, which are not compatible with each other as described above. The STEP format must then be selected for the import as shown in Fig. 02. If it comes to the message shown in Figure 03, it is because this interface requires the additional module RF-LINK .


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