Is it possible to prevent RF-SOILIN from recalculating the foundation any time load changes are carried out in the governing load case in a simple manner?


No, that is not possible. The calculation of the foundation parameters in RF-SOILIN is performed iteratively. For the first iteration step, it is necessary that the start values for the foundation parameters are selected internally by the program. With these start values, you can perform a finite element analysis of the FE model in RFEM.

The result is a distribution of the soil pressure. The soil pressure of the first iteration step is included as an initial value in the RF-SOILIN calculation. Together with the stiffness modulus of the entered soil layers, it is possible to calculate the settlement for each finite element. The settlement and soil pressure are then used to calculate the foundation parameters.

In the next iteration step, the new foundation parameters replace the old one and a new finite element analysis is started, which in turn yields a new distribution of overloading pressure. As a convergence criterion, we compare the new distribution of soil pressure with the old one.

As long as the deviation exceeds a certain convergence limit, the new distribution of soil pressure in RF-SOILIN is considered in the calculation of new foundation parameters. When the deviation of the distribution of the soil pressure of two consecutive iteration steps is not reached for the first time, the iteration is ended and the foundation parameters of the last iteration step are output as the result in RF-SOILIN.


Soil pressure Distribution of overloading pressure Foundation parameters Iteration step Convergence limit

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